Sunapee Historical Society Raffles Painting Oct. 27

The  Sunapee Historical Society, at its fall meeting October 27, will choose the lucky winner of  an oil painting by Barbara Chalmers, Sunapee. The view is of Lower Main Street from yesteryear.

Chalmers worked on this painting during the society’s Main Street Walk in July and donated it to the SHS for a fund-raising raffle. (See photo below.)

One can still purchase raffle tickets ($5 each or five for $20), by contacting the Sunapee Historical Society, PO Box 501, Sunapee, NH 03782 or Ron Garceau at SooNipi Publishing at 9 Central Street.

“Originally I got involved just to research a character,” Barbara wrote to Sunapee News.  “I did Rev. H J Foote, Sunapee’s Methodist Minister from 1906-1911 and wrote his script.”

“But as plans for the event were coming together, Ron Garceau asked for volunteers to dress up in period costume – he suggested folks strolling on the street and possibly someone painting the landscape…… so I volunteered for that.”

“It was a lot of fun and I hope the Historical Society does it again next year.”

The  fall meeting will be held at the Sunapee Community Methodist Church starting at 7 p.m. The program will be Scenes from the Magic Lantern.


Dressed as a plein air artist in Sunapee's Main Street Walk, Barbara Chalmers was the “guide” for Kevin Rickard who portrayed Enos Clough, the inventor of the Fairy Queen steam powered wagon, and she played Enos’s neighbor Arabella Sargent. Photo by Peggy Chalmers.


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