Reflections of a Newsosaur: ‘Community news sites are not a business yet’

After a summer break, returns and shares some info about community news reporting.

“Community news sites are not a business yet” is one of the findings of a Knight Foundation sponsored report. “Although Jan Schaffer just produced a masterful analysis of how to run a grassroots news site, she came up dry on the crucial question of how to turn those journalistic labors of love into sustainable businesses,” according to Reflections of a Newsosaur.

“In a must-read assessment of the Knight-Foundation-backed program [New Voices], Shaffer said a third of the ventures already have called it quits and that the remainder endure in large part because the founders are working for little or no pay.”

However, impressive all-volunteer community sites exist. For example, in Deerfield, NH, The Forum has 350 contributors and posts 50 articles a week. Readers say they are “better educated” than regular newspaper readers about their state and local government. Schaffer highlights the Deerfield Forum under the title: Profiles in Sustainability.

Want to learn more? Read Schaffer’s report New Voices: What Works. Visit Deerfield’s The Forum.

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