April 4, 2010: Ice Out on Lake Sunapee

Telephoto view from east shore of Lake Sunapee
Image via Wikipedia

It went out on Easter Sunday. The official Lake Sunapee Ice Out date for 2010 is April 4th–not the earliest date, “but is amongst the earlier ice outs since they have been recorded in 1869,” said June Fichter, executive director of the Lake Sunapee Protective Association in a broadcast email. “The Osborne family has been measuring ice outs for many years, and ice out is measured when a boat can navigate from George’s Mills in the north to Newbury Harbor at the southern point of Lake Sunapee.”

An Ice Out chart is available at the Sunapee Town Office and on-line via the town website.

The earliest Ice Out recorded: March 29th, 1921 and 1946. The latest: May 14, 1888.

In a span of 22 years, 1869 to 1890, ice left Sunapee 13 times during the month of May.

The trend, however, is toward earlier thaws. During the last 22 year (1989 to 2010), the lake has opened up consistently before the start of May each year except one. That was May 4, 2001.

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