Sunapee Crafters Build a House for a Good Cause

It’s all about working together, having fun and donating to a good cause. This winter a handful of Sunapee artisans got together and took up house building. Within about a month they had turned out their first custom home…a dollhouse that will be raffled off on Saturday, April 10.

The dollhouse is on display and raffle tickets are available at Tattered Pages, River Road, Sunapee Harbor. Proceeds benefit enrichment programs at Sunapee Central Elementary School. A children’s clothing sale, Scholastic book fair, and homemade baked goods are part of the fundraiser that will be held at the Sherburne Gym, Route 11, Sunapee from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“Ellie [White] and I were visiting with Taryn Chiarella and she shared with us her hobby of making dollhouses,” explained Rhonda Gurney, Sunapee. “We all thought it would be fun to make one together and donate the finished product to a local event or organization. We decided that the Sunapee’s Childrens Clothing Sale would be a great cause.”

Interior view of the dollhouse showing its furniture and accessories including a braided rug handmade by Ellie White. Prior to April 10, one can see the dollhouse and purchase raffle ticket at Tattered Pages at Sunapee Harbor. Courtesy photos.

The building team included Taryn, who donated the wooden kit and the furniture.  Rhonda completed the prep work including the sanding and painting. Another artisan, Barbara Chalmers, painted all of the decorative work including the floors and exterior.  And Ellie turned her hand to the making miniature flowers for the flower boxes, coordinated pillows and curtains, the braided rugs, the hand-cut roof shingles, and the wallpaper with wainscoting.

Rhonda said it took about a month to complete as they passed it around putting it together.

What next for the house builders?

“We are now talking about putting together a holiday themed dollhouse for the [Sunapee] Harbor Magic Celebration because we had so much fun doing this one!”

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