Sunapee’s Main Street Walk: Research Team to Meet at Historical Museum

Sunapee is planning a historical tour of Main Street to be held this summer. Those interested in taking part in the event are invited to sign up. And volunteers that can help with historical research are invited to a meeting on March 30. Ron Garceau, president of the Sunapee Historical Society, the group sponsoring the event, said a meeting for those doing research will be held at the Historical Society Museum office at Sunapee Harbor on Tuesday, March 30 at 7 p.m. A general organizing meeting will follow in April. Download the sign-up form for Sunapee’s Main Street Walk :HERE (PDF 49KB)

Participants are invited to sign up for:

  • Research
  • Scripts
  • Costumes
  • Publicity
  • Acting
  • Guide
  • Refreshments

Garceau said some additional categories might be added: technical sets and props (sound and video recording), traffic safety, and oral histories (for future research). The sign-up form and ideas/comments can be emailed to:

Read related article: Sunapee discusses Main Street Talks

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