Via WISSA, The Sunapee Squeeze

Ice sailing continues on Sunapee. Courtesy photo.

They log high speeds, long distances and spectacular jumps. Kite sailors that share a passion for the sport have been enjoying varied conditions on Lake Sunapee this March... extreme wind to, what can best be described as, the "Sunapee squeeze" brought on by unseasonably mild temperatures. Courtesy photo.

On the third weekend in March, Concept Air Team rider Charlie Meding of Wilmot, Chris Porter of Hanover, the Tuthills and other ace ice and kite sailors were experiencing  spring conditions,  the “Sunapee squeeze,” as Will Tuthill describes it. “It is a squeeze when ice access is across a pool of slop and open water is all around. Normally this is the best time of the year on Sunapee, but last Saturday was +20°C [or near the accepted “room temperature” of 70 degrees F] air temperature, and of course – the water was…….COLD!” See the  pics and article…

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