In Sunapee Recount, Rec Article Fails by Two Votes

A recount of a Sunapee ballot question voted upon at Town Meeting March 9 did not change the status of a recreation ballot question. The results of yesterday’s recount of article 24 conducted at the Town Clerk’s office was: 426 Yes, 427 No, and 38 blank ballots. Article 24 would have created and appropriated $25,000 to a Capital Reserve Fund “to purchase, build, develop and maintain Recreation Fields in Sunapee.” Although the recount increased the “yes” vote by two, the question failed and needed two more votes to pass. On Election Day the results were posted 424 Yes and 427 No, four votes short of approval.

After the recount, Sunapee Rec Director Scott Blewitt said, “I would like to thank all those that support our mission to provide quality facilities for our community.”

Another rec department article (no. 26) seeking $12,000 to build a handicapped accessible bathroom at Dewey Beach did get voter approval.

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