Re-use of Sunapee OTH, Inspired Example of Historic Preservation Says James Garvin

Artist's rendering by James Wassell, Rock Maple Studio, Sunapee: The Sunapee Old Town Hall-Library as presented in the current concept plan for "adaptive re-use of this landmark building."

“The adaptive re-use of this landmark building [in Sunapee] would not only represent an inspired example of historic preservation, but would place the new library in the very heart of Sunapee Harbor, the town’s historic village center,” said State Architectural Historian James Garvin.

“A building that is imbued with so much history, pride, and symbolic identity is a treasure such as few communities can boast of.  It would be fitting if this structure, so interwoven into Sunapee’s community fabric, could assume yet another life of service as the town’s meeting place and intellectual heart.” – Read more…

See the OTH-Library section, a Sunapee News page providing information, resources and links.

One Response

  1. It is great to hear that Sunapee is seeking to preserve an historic building for the library. All too often municipalities tear down first and ask questions later- always thinking that new is better than old.
    Once gone, historic buildings can not be reproduced at any cost.
    The soul of a community lives in its historic architecture. Generations from now, the forethought and wisdom of those who seek to preserve the irreplaceable historic structures in Sunapee will be appreciated.

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