Sunapee Selectmen Survey Residents about Communication

Sunapee selectmen are looking for feedback. They are asking residents to complete a “customer satisfaction survey” on communication. It can be found on the town website ( and at the office of the selectmen on Edgemont Road and at the town library. View/download the survey here:  CommunicationSurvey (102 KB).

The on-line survey provides response choices via drop down menus.

One question asks “where do you get your municipal communications from?” The menu options are: town website, newspaper, or neighbors.

The next question asks about newspaper readership and offers one of four responses. Does one subscribe or purchase the: InterTown Record, Union Leader, Concord Monitor or Valley News. “None of the above” or “multiple sources” is not a response option with the on-line survey. Space to comment is provided elsewhere on the one-page form.

The survey also asks about producing and mailing the Town Report. “To save some tax dollars, if we could make the town report available at public places all over-town including the transfer station and town offices or you could call and request one to be mailed to you, would you support this method of delivery?” This year, the cost for producing and mailing the Town Report was over $11,000, according to the survey.

The last survey question asks: “Do we have a communication issue in Sunapee?”

Related article: Life after a newspaper’s death (Concord Monitor, January 31, 2010)

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