Sunapee Voters Will Consider New Idea for Old Town Hall

Sunapee Old Town Hall-Library Concept Plan: Main Street view

As voters in Sunapee prepare for the town deliberative session on Tuesday, February 2 and Town Meeting in March, many are just learning about a new idea for the Old Town Hall. It’s about combining civic projects and maximizing resources. It’s about preserving the last large historic town building and putting it to good use as a new town library with community space.

A town warrant article (#23) will ask voters: “Do you favor expanding the previously approved library Harbor site to include the adjacent Old Town Hall property, renovating the Old Town Hall for a library while preserving the horse ramp and clock tower, reserving a portion of the building for other town uses, while continuing to seek private funding? This article is advisory only and is intended to provide the Library Trustees, the Old Town Hall Committee, and the Select Board with a sense of voters’ opinions.”

(See New Plans Emerge for Historic Old Town Hall)

Last autumn the Abbott Library Building Committee prepared a concept plan that proposed reconstructing and adding on to the Old Town Hall, a landmark building at the entrance to Sunapee Harbor, while preserving many of its important features. The conceptual plan includes drawings prepared by architect Barbara Chalmers, chair of the building committee. See below.

Information about the project is available at the Abbott Library website under the Building Committee tab and in a flyer recently published by supporters of the project. To view/download the informational flyer, click OTH-Library Project Info (PDF 336 KB). The informational flyer addresses parking, layout and cost and funding and provides contact information for voters that want more information.

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