Three Cups of Tea in Action by Mountain Spirit Institute

“Three Cups of Tea in Action,” a blog post by Mountain Spirit Institute, is an interview with Frank Hammond, New London. Randy Richards, Sunapee, Mountain Spirit’s founder and executive director is behind the camera, and wrote:

Learn what one retired high school teacher is doing to spread the word about international understanding in local New England schools. When Frank Hammond, of New London New Hampshire, USA, becomes passionate about something, he gets involved with no reservations. A long-time contributor to various community projects, a popular and effective high school teacher, and former Executive Director of the Lake Sunapee Protective Association, Hammond recently read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen, and was motivated to get the book in front school children in the region. One of the strategies is to teach kids “empathy skills, i.e., listening to others and building healthy relationships both at home and abroad with foreign cultures. Learn more by watching the interview below…via Three Cups of Tea in Action « Mountain Spirit Institute: Blog.

In Sunapee, Abbott Library has several copies of Three Cups of Tea for the 2010 Town Wide Read. The library also has young adult and children’s versions. The Town Wide Read is a program to encourage all community members to read and discuss the same book during the winter. A community book discussion and tea event will be scheduled in March, according to the library’s blog.

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Visit Mountain Spirit Institute: Blog

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  1. Catherine,
    Thanks for the post, It’s good to get the word out about intercultural understanding especially in times when traveling, which can broaden one’s perspective, becomes less of an option in difficult financial times.
    R. Richards

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