NH State Parks Policy Forum Jan. 25 in Sunapee

Three local legislators will be discussing at a public forum in Sunapee proposed policy changes for NH state parks. Senator Bob Odell, Rep. Ricia McMahon, and Rep. Sue Gottling, at a meeting hosted by Friends of Mount Sunapee, will speak about several legislative initiatives that focus on parks and the state park system. The forum will be held at the Sunapee Methodist Church, Lower Main Street, Sunapee on Monday January 25 starting at 6:45 p.m. (with greetings. The forum will begin at 7 p.m.)

This year is shaping up as an important one for improving our state parks and the policies that govern them, according to  a Friends of Mount Sunapee spokesperson. The legislature in 2010 will consider various state park related bills including proposals sponsored by the guest speakers, Odell, McMahon and Gottling.

The public is invited to attend, learn about these bills and discuss them.

A sampling of  proposed legislation includes:

  • SB0375: a bill that clarifies that “the general court does not intend or expect that individual state parks or their facilities, or the state park system as a whole shall be self-funding or financially self-supporting.”
  • SB0313: a bill to extend the existence of the State Parks Advisory Council.
  • HB1378: establishing an adopt-a-state park program in the state park system.
  • HB1421: establishing regional advisory councils in the state park system.

The Sunapee Methodist Church meeting room is handicapped accessible. For questions and to volunteer, email info@friendsofmountsunape.org or call 603-863-0045.

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