Annie Ice Sails Lake Sunapee

The ice sailors are back out on Lake Sunapee. Want to get a feel for it, being out there on the ice, via YouTube?  This past weekend Annie Tuthill produced this video using footage shot with a simple digital camera while sailin’ Lake Sunapee. Annie, who is 15 years old, used just a digital camera on a gorilla pod, a tripod with bendy legs. She put the camera on her kitewing and for other angles on her helmet and boot, edited the footage to less than 3 minutes, and added the rhythmic tune Jamaican Heartbeat from Acoustic Alchemy. Sail along: Kitewing by Annie Tuthill at

2 Responses

  1. Nice job Annie!!!!! I am so proud of you! Will you please give me another lesson on the Lake using the Kitewing?

  2. A very nice photo series, I enjoyed it very much . It brought back memories of the winters of long ago when the iceboats set sail at great speeds on the lake. Guess you might say it was the youth sport of the 1920’s.. Thank you for a pleasent memory of today and the days of the distant past when so many ice boats used the lake as their raceway..

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