Democrat Arthur Jillette Seeks NH House Seat in Special Election Jan. 12

Arthur G. Jillette, Jr. (D-Goshen) seeks open house seat in Newport-area special election.

Last Tuesday,  the weekly InterTown Record in a prominent, front-page article reported on a Republican political event for Steve Cunningham, a candidate in the Sullivan County District 2 House race. It made little mention of the other candidate. This information about Arthur Jillette was prepared for submission to the InterTown in attempt to provide some balance to the newspaper’s community coverage. However, after the editor rejected the idea, went with the piece.

Voters in Sullivan County District 2—the towns of Croydon, Goshen, Newport, Springfield, and Washington—go to the polls today, Tuesday, January 12 to fill a vacant seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

As he heads toward Election Day, Democrat Arthur G. Jillette, Jr. from Goshen is busy calling voters.

“I served two terms as a NH legislator in the past and am ready to pick up the responsibilities and run with them,” said Jillettte from his home, Maplewood Farm in Goshen, which he shares with his wife of thirty years, Bea Jillette.

Jillette lost his seat in 2008, decided to run in 2009, and won the Democratic primary in October defeating former state Rep. Peter Franklin and Newport School Board member John LaRock.

“I look forward to once again championing the interests of the citizens of Sullivan County and District 2,” said Jillette, who would like to provide some balance to district representation in Concord. Conservative Republicans Beverly Rodeschin from Newport and Thomas Howard from Croydon now represent the three-seat district. In October, Tony Maiola (R-Newport) resigned his house seat during his first term for health reasons.

Steve Cunningham is the Republican in the race. “Like many of my friends and neighbors, I moved to New Hampshire because it’s such a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Now that I’m semi-retired I decided it was time to give something back to my community and state by running for public office,” said Cunningham in a press release. Cunningham said he wants to focus on “fiscal responsibility, economic development, and promoting individual rights and freedom.”

Cunningham works part-time as the Croydon health officer and serves on the town’s zoning board.

Jillette, a retired educator, said his skill-set, knowledge of the county, and prior legislative experience are real assets when it comes to the work at hand including serving on the county delegation and over-seeing the county budget.

As a member of the County Delegation, I supported efforts to overcome the financial mess created by years of Republican supported mismanagement. I helped to bring in a new management team to provide fiscal control….

Jillette has served as Goshen’s town moderator for more than 30 years and on the Goshen-Lempster school board and Goshen planning and zoning boards.

Property taxes, education, and laws affecting the elderly are amongst Jillette’s top concerns along with credit card and credit issues, personal privacy protection, and protection of the environment, New Hampshire’s state parks and natural resources.

Jillette is a former Director of Special Education and Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Newport, Goshen-Lempster, Croydon and Sunapee. Before retiring in 2000, he was the Director of Special Education in Lebanon and Lyme.

“We need to think outside the box and encourage educational innovation,” said Jillette. ”I support laws that give parents ways to educate their children in a manner that is appropriate and meets their needs and family values.”

“Protecting the interest of our elderly population” is another priority of the candidate. “I am concerned with how assistance is provided to our elderly” and with issues related to end of life decisions, insurance company practices, and legal matters.

When it come to taxes, “property taxes are going out of sight and people can no longer hold onto their homes. This is a big issue for residents in the district. The elderly, young families, homeowners and renters are being squeezed out,” said Jillette. “Low and moderate-income workers are finding it difficult to live in the town of their employment. We need to find a way to reduce this burden.”

He recommends careful study and then adoption of a more equitable tax system in New Hampshire.

The polls are open Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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