Wind Energy & Hydro Journal reports Trouble-Free Winter Biodiesel Use

A blog post on The Great Lakes Zephyr reports that “the University of New Hampshire Durham is entering its third winter using biodiesel blends — trouble free. Garage Supervisor Ray Myatt says they have had ‘zero problems’ with biodiesel blends in the winter months. Myatt uses a cold weather additive to treat the fuel from late fall through early spring and says its ‘been a win, win.’ As the coldest months approach, Myatt says he doesn’t plan to change a thing and expects ‘no problems at all.'”

Vehicles and equipment running on biodiesel blends have operated problem-free in some of the nation’s coldest locations, including: Colorado; New Hampshire; Massachusetts; Minnesota; Michigan and Wyoming. Good fuel management and high quality fuel can help ensure that biodiesel blends operate smoothly in cold climates, throughout the winter months. — The Great Lakes Zephyr – Wind Energy & Hydrogen Journal: Trouble-Free Winter Biodiesel Use: University of New Hampshire, St. Louis Airport, Ski Resorts and More.

If you’d like to share your experience using biodiesel or other renewables or know of a blog reporting on eco-friendly policy and practices in New Hampshire, please leave a reply below.

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