Hearing Set for Proposed Zoning Changes in Sunapee

The Sunapee Planning Board will receive public comment  on proposed amendments to the town’s zoning ordinance at a public  hearing scheduled for December 17 at 7:15 p.m at the Town Hall.  To download (or view) a copy of the hearing notice and proposed changes, click on: Sunapee Planning Board Notice 2009 Dec 17 (46).

Amendment #1 seeks to bring the town’s regulations “in line with the NH Shoreland Protection Act by including the Sugar River (a fourth-order stream) as part of the Shoreline Overlay District.”

Amendment #2 addresses “minimum front setbacks” by clarifying that they are “measured from the center of all public and private roads as shown on the official map regardless of whether the road meets current town highway specifications.”

Amendment #3 relates to shorelines and erosion control and seeks” to clarify that any grade change of 12” or more within the 50’ shoreline buffer (lakes, ponds, and fourth order streams) requires approval from the Planning Board.”

Amendment #4 addresses workforce housing in Sunapee. Under Use Regulations, a new section will set out guidelines and incentives for allowing workforce housing per RSA 674:58-61. The purpose of “this ordinance is to provide reasonable opportunities for the development of Workforce Housing within Sunapee for both home ownership and rental,” according to language in the amendment.

Amendment #5 seeks to clarify the definition of a contractor’s yard by stating it is an “area used by builders, electricians, plumbers, excavators, roofers, yard maintenance, or other similar contracting service establishments for the storage of materials and equipment.”

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