Writes About Hunger

“Our neighbors are hungry,” writes Mario Capozzoli of Sunapee, editor of “The face of hunger in the United States is all around us—no longer just the traditional socio-economically challenged rural and inner city families.  This past year, more than 17 million American households, including a large number of working poor and the recently-fully-employed, or 14.6% of every household, had difficulty putting food on the table at times during the year.”

Based on the recently released US Department of Agriculture’s Hunger Report for 2008, Capozzoli gives some percentages…families experiencing food insecurity. North Dakota’s average is 6.9% vs. Mississippi’s average of 17%. And the numbers on the east coast look like this:

  • New Hampshire = 8.5%
  • Massachusetts = 8.3%
  • Vermont = 12.1%
  • Maine = 13.7%
  • Rhode Island = 11.7%
  • New York = 11.3%
  • Connecticut = 11.0%

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The USDA report shows:

“The prevalence of food insecurity varied considerably among household types. Some groups with rates of food insecurity much higher than the national average (14.6 percent) were:

  • Households with incomes below the official poverty line—$21,834 for a family of four in 2008—(42.2 percent).
  • Households with children, headed by a single woman (37.2 percent).”

One can read the USDA report and view the charts and findings on-line. will publish later today an article about the Newport Food Pantry. It serves 10 towns in eastern Sullivan County.

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