Flu Prompts Sunapee to Postpone School Dance

Over the past week, the Sunapee schools have seen an increase in both the level of absences in general and the level of absences due to influenza like illness, including H1N1, according to Dr. Brendan Minnihan, the superintendent of the Sunapee School Administative Unit, SAU 85.

“However, in the past day (Thursday, October 29), the absence levels have decreased from where they were earlier in the week. In any event, the administrative and nursing staffs at the middle high school and elementary school continue to monitor the level and reasons for absences,” Minnihan wrote to SunapeeNews.com. “This information is shared daily with the state.”

Sunapee News was no specific numbers as to the current absentee rate in Sunapee.

The NH Department of Health and Human Services reports for the weekend ending October 17 influenza activity in the state was “widespread.”

The flu and related concerns, as well as the number of students and staff absent, did prompt the school to postpone (until further notice) the middle school dance scheduled for tonight.

“The School District is also working with the Greater Sullivan County Public Health Network to plan a H1N1 flu vaccine clinic. The tentative date for the clinic is November 19th.  Parents, students, and siblings who wish to receive the H1N1 vaccine may do so at this time,” Minnihan reported.

Read related article: NH 2-1-1 Answers H1N1 Questions (SunapeeNews.com)

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