Anyone know about the Tontine House in Sunapee?

TontineHouseWhat do you know about the Tontine House in Sunapee? Local historian Ron Garceau thinks the building once located on Lower Main Street in Sunapee was a leather-paste shop, where workers made paste to glue the sole of shoes. Garceau says that according to the 1870 census, N. P. Gardner may have owned the building. (In the photo, North Road goes to the right and the Sugar River runs just behind the building.)

One can see in the other photo, below,  the roof-line of Tontine House beyond the cemetery. The building stood next to the Redding Corp., where Carley’s Garage is today, added Garceau.

“We don’t know much about this building and are trying to find more information.”

TontineHouse-ChurchGarceau is the president of the Sunapee Histrical Society and welcomes information about the Tontine House and other buildings that have disappeared from Sunapee. This week, at the Fall meeting of the local historical society, Garceau presented a program Disappeared from Sunapee.

One can contact Garceau at

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