Could Two Major Projects in Sunapee Join into One?

A committee appointed by the Sunapee board of selectmen and charged with planning for the old town hall on Main Street at Sunapee Harbor will hold a joint meeting with the library building committee on Thursday, October 15 at the Safety Services Building on Sargent Road at 5:30 p.m.

The Old Town Hall/Harbor House Livery committee (OTHC) and members of the Abbott Library building committee are expected to discuss whether the historic old town hall owned by the town could possibly house the new library, a project now slated for the adjacent property, the former Harbor Hotel lot.

At yesterday’s OTHC meeting held at the town offices, Dana Ramspott, chairman, said the library group wanted to discuss the idea in more detail.

Last month, the library trustees voted 5-2 to explore the possibilities and the OTHC agreed to “work diligently with the library building committee to see if a feasible plan can be developed.”

Rhonda Gurney, co-chair of the library building committee, attended the meeting yesterday and shared some draft drawings of the building if re-designed for library use.

“These are just rough drawings and something to think about,” added Gurney.

Chalmers, an architecture experienced in designing public projects, donated the conceptual drawings; she chairs the library building committee and is a library trustee, and is expected to participate in the joint meeting on Thursday.

Meanwhile to improve the sub-standard space used by the town thrift shop, the town continues to refurbish the former police department in the old livery. Ramspott said the painting is done. Still to do: some plumbing, carpeting and meeting with the thrift shop committee to plan fixture needs.

“Do we have a date for a ribbon cutting ceremony?” asked OTHC member Mike Durfor.

Not yet, Ramspott said.

Once completed, the thrift shop will move from small, unimproved rooms to a renovated, insulated space on the east side of old town hall.

Other members of the OTH committee are Kevin Rickard, Betsy Katz, Katie Richardson, Tony Bergeron, Ellie White, Jo Hill and Betsy Webb.

Other members of the library building committee are Peter White, Faith Reney, Bruce Jennings, Xan Gallup, Lois Gallup and John Walden.

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  1. I have visited the award winning design rebuild of a barn moved to Gilmanton, NH from a nearby town for that town’s first year round library. A series of fund raising events made actual taxpayer cost for construction to the wonderful amount of ZERO. I hope that the landmark old town hall will become a large and wonderful new home for town activities including the library. It is interesting that the landmark town clock on top of the old town hall was intended to be placed upon the Abbott Library may yet be upon a library/ civic center for the town. Once again, I must admit I am no longer a year round resident but am a summer visitor of Sunapee and one who remains very interested in the historic and cultural aspects of the town. With the river restored and becoming a vital part of the townscape, repairs and restoration of the building may give Sunapee as great an attraction as the revitalized former mill plus new structures do to Meredith. Folks remember history and scenic views have value to the local economy of NH and to the enjoyment of all people who can behold well cared for structures adapted for new uses.

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