Postcript – H2O: Film on Water

There are four venues along the Connecticut River Valley showing H2O: Film on Water, an exhibition hosted by Great River Arts.

In Newport, there is no entrance fee; a $5 donation is suggested.

For more information  including viewing hours at each location, visit:

H2O: Film on Water celebrates our relationship to the natural world as seen through the eyes of almost one hundred artists.  With water as the exhibition’s thesis, the show is approachable by all audience members. Yet, given the sophistication and sheer diversity of imagery and viewpoint, each work will prompt viewers to re-examine this elemental force.  The theme is a timely one, given the focus on identifying climatic change and its effect both on our lives, and on those throughout the world who struggle to access safe drinking water. For this exhibition, we are partnering with Water for People, a non-profit organization that develops locally sustainable drinking water and sanitation facilities in developing countries throughout the world. – via the Great River Arts website

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