Summer Breezes: Farm Stand Pleasures introduces Summer Breezes, brief stories about summer, as it breezes by, what it means in personal terms and experiences.

The joy of summer includes farm stands and fresh cut flowers and a kitchen adorned with delicious colors. Yes, one dreams of having one’s own cutting bed, rows of  plants and flowering shrubs that make a ready supply of buds and blooms and pods to match the season. What a wonderful thought.

An even better thought, however, for today…is to take to the local farm stand.

Old glass jars lined up in a row offer mixed bouquets.

Last week, only snapdragons came home to adorn the dining table. This week, a mix is best: different colors, shapes and textures, petals and grasses. And, of course, while “flower picking,” there are other needs: plump red tomatoes, some basil, summer squash, cucumbers for the dinner salad, and pints of blueberries. Yes, lots of blueberries,

Such are the joys of summer.

The Granite State celebrates NH Eat Local in August by encouraging visits to farmer’s markets, farm stands and local farms. Later in the month, the focus expands to  “sharing the harvest” (sharing with those in need) and ” looking ahead”–preserving and storing food for winter.  For more information about NH Eat Local including a listing of related events around the state, visit

To share your summer stories (in words, photos or video clips), please leave a comment below.

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