The Compass Will Publish Weekly Says Rapsis from HippoPress

“We believe that a great region deserves its own great community newspaper.” – Jeff Rapsis, associate publisher and partner/owner of HippoPress

Have you read The Compass? It’s already on the street and in communities in and around the Claremont area, says Associate Publisher Jeff Rapsis of the HippoPress. With a coverage area similar to that of the Eagle Times that folded in July, The Compass is pointing in the right direction, and has “been met with an incredible reaction from readers and advertisers,” according to Rapsis. It will publish weekly starting Thursday, August 20. The first issue, 8 pages circulated July 23.

A partner/owner of Manchester’s HippoPress, Rapsis said today, The Compass printed 7000 copies of the paper’s second edition (16 pages), the August 6 issue, and will be making them available at 250 locations in the Sunapee-Newport-Claremont-Charlestown region and across the river into Springfield and Windsor, Vermont.

The Compass is free because that’s what works, said Rapsis. It’s all about putting the newspaper in front of as many people as possible and maximizing the dollar invested by advertisers. The ad-supported journal will initially start with 16 pages and a 50-50 mix of news and ads. We want people to pick up the print edition and read it all week long, Rapsis explained.

Rapsis started his newspaper career 20 years ago surrounded by veteran reporters at the Eagle Times. Now a half-dozen former Eagle staffers are contributing to The Compass. The priority will be “community news” and stories with a broader focus or that are “overlooked.” Readers can expect “neighborhood news, local happenings,” sports, obits and some local government and school reports. However, rather than attend and recite what goes on at a meeting, we’ll “pull stories out of the community,” Rapsis said.

The Compass, the latest HippoPress publication, looks to hire a few full time staffers, have an office in Claremont and work with freelance writers.

And to get input and answer questions, The Compass will hold an open meeting in Claremont on Wednesday, August 12 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the new Common Man restaurant, 21 Water Street. Everyone is invited.

Hippo Press also publishes the York Independent (ME), Manchester Express (NH) and Oxx, a motorcycle magazine with one or two issues per year.

Here is a related article published today by the NH Business Review.

If you’ve read The Compass and want to comment, please leave a comment below. And if you know of other print or on-line newspapers getting started, let us know.

3 Responses

  1. Looking for a guy named Jeff who writes about Springfield VT

  2. It will be interesting to see just how The Compass does in the Sunapee Region as it adjusts to the new area. The Hippo is one of the most interesting publications I read, and I also make it a point to read the Weirs Times. Can truthfully say I never agree with some of their articles, but they do give me a chance to see other points of view and to think on them. Sometimes strengthening my own view, sometimes revising my position and creating a new one. The paper can not claim to be a direct successor to the Argus Champion, which is tragic, as the paper established by Edmund Burke was once a major paper before the Civil War and for many years thereafter. (Burke was the person Burkehaven was named for and a major political force statewide).

  3. […] related article: The Compass will publish weekly says Rapsis from HippoPress […]

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