Sunapee Rec Committee Plans Harry Tilton Park

By Katie Richardson

At town meeting in March, Sunapee voters approved a recreation department request to develop a playground and other recreational features at Ski Tow Hill on Route 103B.  Since then, plans for the property have been drawn up by Pellettieri Associates and a decision has been made to name it Harry Tilton Park.  The initial design features a playground, bicycle pump track, community garden, Frisbee golf course, horseshoe pits, a picnic area and trails.

Recreation Director Scott Blewitt said the project is still in the works; the start of construction will not be any time soon.  The family of the late Lynn Pierce of Sunapee is donating the playground in her honor, and playground structures are being researched, Blewitt said. The recreation department budget will cover the cost of some of the other elements. Funding is needed for the site work. And the conservation commission, under whose jurisdiction the land falls, is on board with the plan, Blewitt added.

Van Webb, chair of the Sunapee conservation commission, said he looks forward to working on the project in conjunction with the recreation department.  He said the conservation commission did suggest a few changes to the initial drawing, such as bathrooms and additional parking.  “It’s a reasonable plan,” said Webb, adding that the conservation commission will bring a knowledge of the terrain and forest to the project.  He stated that the new plan seems in keeping with the intentions of Harry Tilton, who bequeathed the property to the town for recreational use.

When asked if the lot would be removed from the town forest, Webb suggested that that would not be necessary.  He stated that the involvement of the conservation commission would not be a bad thing and stressed that the two departments were working together.  Webb also felt that at least one public hearing would be important before anything was finalized.

Blewitt has plans for the site at the town office and is willing to share them for viewing.

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