NH Celebrates Eat Local and Farmers’ Markets

Governor John Lynch proclaimed the month of August 2009 as NH Eat Local Month and August 2 -8 as NH Farmers’ Market Week, which coincides with the 10th annual National Farmers’ Market Week, saluting farmers’ markets all across America.

EatLocalNHEach week in August, NH will have a theme, said Mario Capozzoli, Sunapee. Capozzoli, is a member of the statewide organizing committee and is helping to get the word out about eating local and how it can positively impact families and children, communities and businesses.

The second week is all about “Family to the Farm”—visiting a farm stand or farm. It will be followed by “Share the Harvest”—providing food for those in need, and “Looking Ahead”—preserving and storing food for the winter, Capozzoli said.

Capozzoli is known as the “organic guy” on North Road. He gardens organically, harvests and cooks. He’s active in the Locavore movement and volunteers for the Northeast Organic Farming Association. He also writes and publishes Greatgrandmother.org–“your portal to an edible life.”

New Hampshire has nearly 80 farmers’ markets operating throughout the state, Capozzoli said. They offer lots of variety, products such as farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat and dairy products, baked goods, flowers and more.

The Farm to Table, 100-mile menu that promotes indigenous agriculture and a menu that is seasonal and diverse from local fare, get lots of attention these days. However, Capozzoli is looking at a goal of a zero-mile menu, fare from one’s own community. And, now’s the perfect time, Capozzoli said, to visit and re-discover local produce available at your community farmers’ market.

There are important economic and environmental benefits to eating local and supporting your local farmers’ markets, Capozzoli explained in a phone interview on Friday. It’s also about choice and knowing what one eats. It “brings things back [to where one  has] more control [over one’s food] for fresher and more organic produce.”

According to the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food, residents and Granite State visitors are showing unprecedented interest in local food. And, August’s month-long celebration will offer great opportunities to feature and enjoy locally grown foods. A special kick off celebration for both NH Eat Local Month and Farmers’ Market Week is being planned, as well. On August 1 at 9 a.m. at the Concord Farmers’ Market,  NH Commissioner of Agriculture, Lorraine Merrill will welcome Governor John Lynch and First Lady, Dr. Susan Lynch to the market, along with many other guests, farmers and shoppers.

For event and activity information, visit: www.NHEatLocal.org.

For info about the NH Farmers’ Market Association, visit: http://www.nhfma.org/.

And, here’s a list (PDF) of farmer’s markets published by the NH Agriculture Department, http://agriculture.nh.gov/publications/documents/farmersmarket.pdf.

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