Sunapee School Board Vacancy as of Aug. 1

The Sunapee school board will soon have a vacancy. When it met July 1, it accepted the resignation of school board member Hershel Strickland effective August 1. Strickland is re-locating out of town, according to the SAU office. The school board will advertise the opening and fill the vacancy by appointment. The term will run until the school elections in March 2010. Sunapee residents interested in serving on the school board can contact the Sunapee school district office (SAU 85) at 68 Main Street, phone 603-763-4627.

Other school board members are Shaun Carroll, Jr., chair, Judy Trow, vice chair, Ed Bailey, Jr. and Kim Denney. Brendan F. Minnihan is the Superintendent of Schools.

Strickland also is known locally for writing a community column that’s been published in area newspapers, most recently in the InterTown Record.

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