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Claremont, New Hampshire

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Last week, the Claremont NH area lost an old stand-by, the Eagle Times newspaper, when its parent company Eagle Publications owned by Harvey Hill filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Within a few days, a new “new media” outlet, went live, on-line.

“I wish I could hire 100 reporters,” Nancy Zullo Brown, publisher of, said about her plans for providing content and community news to the area of Claremont, Newport, Springfield (VT) and beyond. However, a large paid staff, reporters and photojournalists are not in the mix for now.

Depending on advertising income, Brown will hire “hopefully more than one reporter” to gather and report local news. Other content on-line or in the plans includes: police reports, AP stories, a national news feed, sports, obits, engagements, classified ads and daily horoscopes.

The “new media” newspaper, Brown described to in a phone interview on Thursday, looks to reach both a local and far-wider audience, a virtual community of readers, bloggers, tweeters, and social-networkers on Facebook.

The website went live on Wednesday, just five days after the Eagle Times stopped publishing and only three days after Brown decided on undertaking her latest web-based enterprise. The response has been very positive, said Brown, who has been working long hours responding to emails, reading tweets, making contacts and adding website features.

She also publishes and two talk radio shows, and the

“I’ve designed many, many websites”…250 or more, explained Brown. “I’m all into the new media.”

Support from advertisers and content from the community are critical. Brown says she is very confident advertisers will come on-board. And she’ll be looking at the schools and individuals interested in journalism for local news, features and sports.

As for a print edition, “that’s not the way of the future,” Brown responded. However, some print copy may be in the works. On, Brown said, she had a plan to meet the needs of those not on-line; she “would like to present this in a town hall meeting within the next two weeks.”

Brown grew up in Claremont and graduated in 1977 from the home of the Cardinals, Stevens High School. She’s a self-taught webmaster. Her sister who lives in Newport is helping, taking photos, designing announcement forms, and distributing old-fashioned fliers to spread the word.

Although Brown lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia, she looks at the city of Claremont as her community. “I see it in my mind everyday,” Brown explained. She looks forward to visiting the city as soon as next week.

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