Opportunity Arises From Death of Eagle

“There’s a business opportunity in Claremont for a weekly newspaper coupled with a good bloggy local web site. One quick-minded entrepreneur, Nancy Zullo Brown, is rounding up ex-employees and others interested in at least launching an online venture,” writes Martin Langeveld, and published by Nieman Journalism Lab. It looks like the death of the Eagle Times is giving opportunity to a new on-line publication.

According to Langeveld, Brown is a “veteran of online publishing, with a family of sites focused on local information for military personnel called YourMilitary.com. Brown’s site will be called YourClaremontPress.com; she aims to have it in operation by Wednesday, and it may branch into a printed version as well.” Read more…

A year ago, publisher Harvey Hill abruptly stopped publishing the the Argus Champion, the local weekly that covered the Newport-Sunapee, NH area. Last week, the big news was about the death of the Eagle Times, another Hill publication.

“There are a lot of quality people working at the Eagle and they didn’t deserve the hand dealt to them in such tough economic times,” a veteran reporter of the Claremont-Newport area said in an email to SunapeeNews.com. “With a little hard work and determination I believe the Argus could have not only survived, but thrived.” With a change in management practices, “the same can be said of the Eagle,” he added.

Can small local newspapers survive? “Papers with less than 15k circulation reported that they were able to lift revenues despite a slump in advertising that started in 2006 and has accelerated every quarter since,” according to  veteran journalist Alan Mutter in his Newsosaur blog . Read more…

SunapeeNews.com welcomes your comments and interest in bringing back news coverage to the Newport-Sunapee area. Comment below or email Catherine at SunapeeNews@gmail.com

Disclosure: The author of this article was a Sunapee community columnist for the Argus Champion in 2005-2006.

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  1. Although I now am from “away” having been born in New London, I maintained an interest in the place, and the papers kept me up to date with the activities. The killing of the Argus Champion, a newspaper dating to before the American Civil war, was a tragic loss to the area. Both from the news side and the historic value . The loss of the Argus Champion was a major body blow to the area, but the loss of the Eagle TImes could be a the killer blow. As an exile from the area, I currently live in a town in New Hampshire were all news is by rumor, grapevine or what have you and the real news does not get out. Hopefully, This will not be the area’s fate.

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