More about NH State Park System…

A discussion about New Hampshire state parks with State Parks Director Ted Austin and Richard Ober, chairman of the State Park System Advisory Council, is available on NH Public Radio. On the Exchange May 27 with Laura Knoy, Austin and Ober talked about the challenges and opportunities facing the state park system including park management and funding. NH is the only state in the country that requires its parks to be self-funding, which is not sufficient to support the park system, Ober said. Listen via NHPR…

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  1. I can not believe that anyone or even, any governmental agency would have even thought of giving, leasing or transfering the properties the state has under the park system. Some of them were gifts with revision clauses to the families of the donors and other restrictions. My thought is the govdernor and his appointed park commissdioner floated a trial bollon to see what they mght get away with selling. Through the years buildings and lands in Concord, Manchester and oother areas have been sold or leased. Other are falling to ruin like the Webster birth place. So they thought no problem the state did it before and let ius see what we can do.

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