Eagle Publications Files for Bankcruptcy

It was about a year ago, publisher Harvey Hill abruptly stopped publishing the local weekly, the Argus Champion. Now, according to various press reports, Hill announced to employees yesterday that his Eagle Publications will file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy today, and the Eagle Times that serves the Claremont area will cease operating as of today, as well. Other Eagle Publications affected are the Connecticut Valley Spectator,  The Message in the Ludlow, VT area and The Weekly Flea.

“I am not surprised that the Eagle Times closed only at how suddenly the paper closed,” a former Eagle Publication employee told SunapeeNews.com. “I never thought that any of the Eagle Publications papers made money on a regular basis, but you always hoped that the papers would pull through…There is now a news void in the area which is not good, but it is also an opportunity for someone to step in and fill that void.”

For background information and comments from Claremont and state officials, read today’s Union Leader article.

NECN’s report on the bankruptcy includes the reaction of employees.

4 Responses

  1. For the Valley News to suceed here, (claremont, Spfld. Vt, and the whole area that was covered by the Eagle:

    You need a staff here, that knows the people and the area.
    Good reporting and NO sensationalism as has been the case at VN.
    A center approach instead of the left wing stuff, remember you are not catering to the flat land socialists here. Maybe you need to publish a paper for the College professors , lawyers, snd medical specialists, (they live in their own little world anyway)
    while we who work for a living, should have our own..

  2. […] the the Argus Champion, the local weekly that covered the Newport-Sunapee, NH area. Last week, the big news was about the death of the Eagle Times, another Hill […]

  3. Sorry to see you go, Eagle Publishing! I was a reader of the The Message for 25 yrs when I lived in southern Vermont. I relocated to Steamboat Springs, CO in November and have traded my loyalities toThe Steamboat Pilot, out of the necessity for reading good local news here.

  4. No local news is very dangerous… Most of NH has been a victim of this for a long time. When local government officials don’t have someone watching them bad things happen.

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