Paintings and Poems by Mary Jane Q Cross on Display in Newport

Gently Letting Go-Cross-LAC“Gently Letting Go” by Mary Jane Q Cross, Newport

“Respecting beauty, truth, craftsmanship, wins over…..shock, ingenuity, novelty. To this end I will pursue beauty… all the days of my life,” says Mary Jane Q Cross. “The strongest gift I think I have been given is a desire to paint rather than a natural talent.”

“Gently Letting Go” (shown above) and other paintings and poetry by Cross are part of “Poems of a Painter, Paintings of Prayer” — an exhibit at the Library Arts Center in Newport. The solo exhibition opened July 3 and runs through August 14. Located across the street from the Newport Town Common, the LAC gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday,  11 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is open to the public free of charge.

“The exhibit title was influenced by the name of Cross’s recently published book of paintings and poems by the same title,” said LAC Director Kate Niboli.  The show features many recent works and many which have never before been exhibited locally. And her paintings are accompanied by poems.

“The combined presentation of poem and painting serves to enhance the meaning of her work,” Niboli added. “Cross is well-known regionally and nationally for her spiritual, figurative works, as well as her lilies and landscapes that aim to take the viewer to an internal place of quiet and rest.”

“Cross is also known for her unique technique of ‘finger painting,’ as a tremor in her right arm makes it difficult for her to hold a brush.  Her paintings are composed of 95-98% finger painting and 2-5% detailed painting with small brushes and prosthetic devices of her own invention.”

In a recent show at the Royal Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island, Cross was coined the Finger Painter of America.

The artist now signs her work with a thumbprint made into a Q.

Activities associated with the LAC exhibit include a tea and poetry reading by the artists on July 14 at 4 p.m. Then on July 16, Cross will give a gallery talk and tour  at 5 p.m., and an afternoon of plein-air painting is planned for August 1. For more information, call LAC at 603-863-3040. Summercrest Independent and Assisted Living of Newport sponsored the the exhibit.

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