One-way Loop is Hot Topic in Sunapee

Oneway Loop Main StThe one-way traffic loop at Sunapee Harbor will be discussed at tonight’s board of selectmen meeting in Sunapee. The June 29 meeting will be the first public discussion of the one-way loop after the trial period began two weeks ago. Now much of the traffic that flows into the harbor must enter via Main Street and exit via River Road, which is now one-way.

The one-way loop has become the hot topic in town. There are diverse opinions about it, the office of the selectmen said today. Public comment can be sent to Town Manager Donna Nashawaty via email to Comments will be shared with the selectmen at tonight’s meeting.

Some say the clockwise traffic pattern is OK, others say it needs to go counter-clockwise, while other people say it it makes the harbor area chaotic and appear unwelcoming because of the use of concrete Jersey barriers that close off certain lanes from traffic. Also, some want the High Street bridge to be two-way for ease of travel to the post office.

The one-way loop is totally unnecessary, said Artie Osborne, a life-long Sunapee resident with working knowledge of the harbor. Osborne is circulating a petition to have the selectmen end the one-way trial period. In a letter to the InterTown Record published last week, Osborne also faults the town for rebuilding a temporary side-walk along River Road after voters rejected the construction of the sidewalk at Town Meeting in March.

Doug Munro, Sunapee, recently took relatives visiting from out-of-state into the harbor. “What are they thinking!” Munro said. Frustrated and angered, Munro said the aesthetics and the use of Jersey barriers detracts from the area’s natural beauty and traditional ambiance. “It looks like a war zone,” Munro added. The harbor use to be welcoming and inviting, added Munro, who is not opposed to a one-way loop, but is critical of its appearance.

If you’ve got an opinion to share, send it to the town via and register it via our poll. also welcomes your comments.

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