Yeomans Donation Supports Newport Arts Education

Yeomans Contribution Photo

Members of the Board of Directors for the Library Arts Center's Endowment for Arts Education (from L to R) George Montgomery, Edith Walsh, Paul Baird and William Howard Dunn recently accepted a substantial contribution from Newport resident Barbara Yeomans (front).

Newport resident Barbara Yeomans recently made a significant donation to the Endowment for Arts Education at the Newport Library Arts Center. The donation will help the Endowment for Arts Education provide community members of all ages with “top notch arts education for years to come,” according to an Arts Center spokesperson. Currently, this endowment is sponsoring the position of Artist in Residence in the Arts Center studio.

“Barbara’s donation is an inspiration to us all,” commented Edith Walsh, president of the Endowment for Arts Education.

For more information on Artist in Residence Erin Miley and about the Arts Center’s  summer studio class schedule, visit

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