Class of 2009 Graduates at Sunapee High

Sunapee Grad Caps 2009_PH

Photo by Paul Howe. (Click on photo for larger image.)

By Emily Weinberger

On Friday evening, June 19, 2009, “Pomp and Circumstance” played as the seniors of Sunapee Middle High School marched down the aisle to start this year’s graduation ceremony. Just as the class had walked up to the tent on the school’s upper field, the rain had stopped and the sun had came out. It was perfect timing.

The tent was packed with family, friends, students and Sunapee fans. As the middle high school band played, the seniors…one by one…took their place on stage. All watched as the students in their caps and gowns took their first steps toward independence.

Valedictorian Chloe Fleming and salutatorian Nadia Chait spoke. Chloe, drawing on personal experiences, gave helpful hints to the underclassman, while Nadia discussed the power of finding one’s own center point to be balanced in life. Seniors Gina Gioldassis and Carolyn Stevens also moved the audience with speeches that emphasized that Sunapee’s class of 2009 is made up of a mere 31 individuals; it’s like a family. The small size makes every student feel close to each other, and bonds are created that are much stronger than in most schools. The speakers also stressed that despite the school size, it offered many opportunities and dedicated teachers.

It’s hard to believe how fast these students have grown and gotten to this point in their lives.

The individual strengths of each senior contribute and help to make the “family” that graduated on Friday. Now, with each other’s support, each senior goes in a separate direction, and down their own chosen paths. Maybe some of these paths will cross, but each has their own goals and exciting future in front of them. So, best of luck to the Class of 2009, and never give up on one’s dreams, your dreams!

Emily Weinberger is a student at Sunapee Middle High School and a contributing writer to

The following are the graduates of the Sunapee Middle High School class of 2009, and their future plans:

Samantha Adams: Plymouth State University
Timothy Anglin: New England College
Kristy Antoniewich: Coast Guard
Brian Bailey: Work
Whitney Bailey: Linden State College
Christy Benson: River Valley Community College
Nicholas Cain: Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Nadia Chait: New York University
Chelsea Craig: Colby Sawyer College
Steven Curt: University of New Hampshire
Alexander Elder: Work and religious mission
Chloe Fleming: University of Miami
Gina Gioldassis: Drew University
Konstantine Gioldassis: University of New Hampshire
Meggan Gnoyo: Colby Sawyer College
Danielle Gregory: LNA program
Benjamin Henault: Manchester Community College
Thilo Herbert: Finish high school in Germany
Stephanie Larpenter: Colby Sawyer College
Andrei Likhter: Bunker Hill Community College
Garrett Longtin: Rochester Institute of Technology
Dustin Manley: Manchester Community College
Amanda Mathiesen: Wentworth College
Mary Kristen McDonough: Landmark College
Eric Nelson: University of New Hampshire
Phillip Parsons: University of New Hampshire
Hannah Preston: Daniel Webster College
Tyler Richardson: Lakes Region Community College
Cameron Sartwell: Work
Carolyn Stevens: University of New Hampshire
Pernille Swensson: Finish high school in Norway

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