Kearsarge Coop Grocer to Open in New London

The Concord Co-op will soon open a sister store at the former 14 Carrots store location at 52 Newport Road, New London. It will be called the Kearsarge Cooperative Grocer.

“This ties in with our mission to provide more people with natural, organic, local, and environmentally sound choices,” Concord Co-op General Manager Paula Harris said.

Earlier in the year, the local co-operative 14 Carrots had to close its doors for financial reasons. It approached the Concord Coop about coming to New London, and after studying the opportunity, the Concord Co-op board approved the opening of a satellite store.

“Right now, the landlord is graciously renovating the building to meet the needs of your new Co-op. The 2,000 square-foot store will offer a wide variety of products similar to our Concord store. Upstairs, we’ll have offices and space for classes. We hope to develop another group of Wellness Educators in that area to provide more free holistic lectures and workshops,” Harris said.

We look forward to connecting with local businesses, vendors, and the higher education community to better serve the area. This is a great opportunity to bring our successful cooperative to a new area and bridge our health-conscious, progressive communities, just like two peas in a pod! – Paula Harris, Concord Co-op

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