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gg-orgEarlier this year, Mario Capozolli, Sunapee, launched the website—“your portal to an edible life.” It’s about good food, good conversation and good living, and promoting local food sourcing and healthy, connected communities. Mario agreed to share his story, the who, when and why behind Join Mario and Catherine Bushueff for around the kitchen table.

Catherine: Thanks, Mario, for telling us more about To start, who are the folks behind the site?

Mario: I am the one who came up with the idea. I turned to my dear friend Sharon Thielicke [also of Sunapee], whose vast portfolio is website design. This is our second site design together, and she knows how to bringing to life a (online) vision.

Catherine: And where did you get the concept? It’s compelling.

Mario: I got the idea when I first read Michael Pollan’s bestseller “In Defense of Food.” He suggests we’d all be better off to eat food, real food, food that our great grandmothers would recognize as food. That litmus test makes a lot of sense, and I was struck by his simple, yet profound thesis. The irony of our current food system is that it has become so complicated, when all that is needed is simplicity.

Catherine: When did you get started working on

Mario: Over a year ago, I asked Sharon to purchase the site name and I began to collect information and do lots of research to make sure that my vision would be practical and useful.

At the same time, I witnessed lots of other sites spring to life, on locavorism, eating and sourcing foods within a 100-mile radius from your home; organics, though, mostly political activism-type sites; and “green” sites.

Not much was available in terms of sustainability. And completely missing in this whole genre was the idea of bringing families and communities together around the table to connect.

One can work hard to buy local summer strawberries because they do not have pesticides on them, they don’t travel 1400 miles to get to us, and they support our local farmers. But if we do not share this information with our neighbors and children, and do not begin to forge community and family connectedness, then we are missing the boat long term.

This is how we meld new concepts into our culture! That’s part of my goal.

Catherine: What are the best features of

Mario: It’s one-stop shopping. It has five core values that are easy to get into. Those values are: Spending more time around the table, sourcing our foods locally, living a sustainable lifestyle, eating whole foods, and tending to our sensitive environment.

And the site offers great writing, lots of helpful links to other websites and now has a dedicated section on organic gardening. also sends a message that simple folk in small communities with few resources can truly make a difference.

Visit at

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