NH’s Becky Rule Shares the Power of Story

NH Humorist Rebecca Rule, Northwood, (right) was in Sunapee Wednesday evening sharing stories with an audience of 75 include Babe Sargent, Sunapee (left).

NH Humorist Rebecca Rule, Northwood, (right) was in Sunapee Wednesday evening sharing stories with an audience of 75 including Babe Sargent, Sunapee (left).

There are so many stories…I feel I need to catch them all. – Rebecca “Becky” Rule, Northwood, NH

Becky Rule’s comfortable and captivating Yankee humor along with a crowd of 75 filled the meeting room at the United Methodist Church in Sunapee on Wednesday night. The NH Humanities Council and the Friends of Abbott Library sponsored the event.

“That Reminds Me of a Story” was exactly how it went. With ease, Rule strung together stories about New Hampshire, its people and “living Yankee.” And she encouraged people to share their stories.

She called on Sunapee’s “official storyteller” Babe Sargent, who amongst others, re-told narratives once heard or related a funny experience. Again, it’s important to pass along these stories, she urged.

For 10 years, the “Becky Rule experience,” as she describes it, is all about storytelling and the power of words. It’s all about “the power of story to connect us over time…”

“I tell stories and they [those I meet] tell stories. This is how I never run out of stories,” Rule quipped. “You give it to me. I give it to you and then you give it to others.”

Rule re-told stories about New London, Northwood, Hill (“the flattest town in NH”) and Berlin, where she’s collected accounts from mill workers and loggers during the hard economic times and the shut-down of the North Country mills.

The great thing about collecting stories, Rule observed: “They dont’ take up much room ‘n you don’t have to dust them.”

She ended her 60-minute talk with one of her favorites, a story from Bert & I. As a child, “I listened and was inspired.”

Follow Rule’s blog: Travels with Becky. She posted an article about being in Sunapee. It’s titled: Stalled.

A NH native and graduate of UNH, Rule is the author of three short story collections: New Hampshire: Life Free or Eat Pie, Could Have Been Worse and The Best Revenge. With Susan Wheeler, Rule also wrote Creating the Story – Guides for Writers and True Stories – Guides for Writing from Your Life.

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