Newbury Harbor Project Working Towards Completion

Newburyproject_lot1Anyone that’s traveled by Newbury Harbor in recent months has seen large equipment and assorted highway workers along the road including the flagmen. The construction is part of a Federal Transportation Enhancement project that began last fall. It will be substantially completed except a footbridge and lighting by the beginning of June, according to Town Administrator Dennis Pavlicek.

The $676,000 project includes new sidewalks lakeside along Route 103 that will connect the harbor area with other town property—the library, town offices and up to Bald Sunapee. It also includes vertical granite curbing, a re-vamped dockside parking lot, and a new walking and sitting area that will host benches, planters and bike racks. And, yes, there will be a pedestrian bridge and decorative lighting.

A substantial part of the project, although less obvious, is the drainage work that re-directs run-off that previously went directly into Lake Sunapee. It’s been a long-standing problem, Pavlicek explained.Newburyproject_equip_AB

Runoff now will go into catch basins including the special “Sunapee Swirler”—a catch basin designed to improve sediment retention efficiency.

On the third application, the project got approval and the number one ranking in New Hampshire. The federal government is paying 80% of the cost, the town 20%.

As for parking, the re-configured parking lot will have 13 spaces, 7 less than before. However, the plan was designed to improve traffic circulation, safety and pedestrian areas at the dock and make efficient use of all paved areas, as some of the old parking spaces were sub-size.

As for the pedestrian bridge, that’s being built in New York and will be installed by a crane in one day, exact date yet to be determined.Newburyproject_lot3

Photo credits: Alena Banks and Catherine Bushueff

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