Rebates for NH Small Wind and Solar Panels

Thinking of a residential renewable energy system, installing small wind or solar photovoltaic panels? Looking for some added financial incentives? The Sustainable Energy Division of the NH Public Utilities Commission has put together a draft application that would help homeowners with some of the cost, by providing a one-time rebate of no more than $6,000 or 50% of the system cost, whichever is less. The rebate would apply to installed systems that have a peak generating capacity of less than 5 kilowatts.

According to a Concord Monitor article (State offers windmill, solar panel incentive – April 23, 2003), “The money would come from the Renewable Energy Fund, created by a program that requires utilities to purchase or produce renewable energy as a percentage of what they sell. If they can’t comply, they pay into the fund. Director Jack Ruderman said he hopes to begin taking applications for rebates by July 1.”

View the draft application at NH-PUC Sustainable Energy Division.

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