A Change We Can All Make is “Blowing in the Wind”

Clothes pins
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Join in National Hanging Out Day on April 19, urges community organizer Alex Lee, Concord (NH). Lee is the the executive director of Project Laundry List.

When you think of hanging out laundry to dry, what do you picture in your head?  Maybe a woman reaching up for the line with colorful clothes while laughing children dart in and out of the orderly lines of bed linens?  It sounds nostalgic, but not many of us use a clothes line anymore, Lee points out.

Yet, air drying clothes benefits the pocketbook and the planet. It makes me feel good to line dry laundry despite the extra time it may take, a Sunapee neighbor said. Her family air dries their clothes year-round using a basement area in winter.

Using a clothesline or drying rack instead of a dryer can save the average household more than a hundred dollars every year in energy costs, according to Lee.  On average, among household appliances, only the refrigerator uses more electricity than the dryer.  Washing with cold water and air-drying can reduce your monthly electric bill up to 15 percent.

Project Laundry List wants Americans to get back to the days when using a clothesline was the best way, and the most acceptable way, to dry laundry. For more information, visit www.laundrylist.org or email Project Laundry List Director Alexander Lee at info@laundrylist.org.

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