Sunapee Group Discusses Menu for the Future

Thirteen community members sliced into a hot-topic last week, when session one of a six-week discussion group met at Sunapee Abbott Library to explore food, sustainability and community. Conversation circled around local food options (or the lack thereof) and the individual food choices people make based on upbringing and ethnicity, lifestyle and personal and global health concerns.

Menu for the Future is the title of the course. It attracted full enrollment.
The group took 90 minutes and discussed “What’s Eating America” after reading short writings by Zoe  Bradbury, Daniel Duane,  Michael Pollan, R. W. Apple, Jr., Sue Browning, Aleria Jensen and Wendell Berry.

Menu for the Future is one of eight courses provided by the Northwest Earth Institute and distributed regionally via the Vermont Earth Institute, which is very active in the Upper Valley.

Private and public groups sponsor local courses. To learn more about sponsoring a program in your home, place of work or community, call (802) 881-2039 or e -mail:

For more information about Abbott Library services and programs, visit: Abbott Library.

If you’re interested in community farming/gardening or have a local story to tell, please use the Reply box below.

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