Sunapee Says NO to Several Money Articles. Elects Brown and Roach for Selectmen


Greeting voters at the polls outside the Sherburne Gym in Sunapee: Stephen White (left) holding Roach for Selectman sign, Brian Garland (center) and Charlotte Brown (right).

The recession is everywhere. Like other towns on voting day, Sunapee said NO to several money articles for capital reserve funds and new trucks, equipment and paving. Voters also said NO to building a sidewalk along River Road.

In the only contested election in town, Charlotte Brown (475) and incumbent William “Bill” Roach (446) won three-year terms to the board of selectmen. It was a three-way contest, Brian Garland (373) came up short.

Sunapee said YES (393-337) to the town budget of $5,691,897 and to the school budget of $9,881,537 (456-296).

All water and sewer articles passed including $300,000 to engineer and put out to bid a sewer project for the Perkins Pond area. Approved was $570,000 for an upgrade to the waste-water treatment plant with monies to come from the water and sewer capital reserve fund. It also allows the town to receive any available grant monies and funds from New London to defray project costs.

All but one article for the school passed. Voters said NO to $150,000 for the new school administrative unit (SAU 85) Office Capital Reserve Fund. It failed by 140 votes.

Municipal election results are:

  • Alan Doherty – Town Treasurer
  • Betty Ramspott – Town Clerk & Tax Collector
  • Mark B. Scott – Fire Engineer
  • J. William Scharff – Trustee of Trust Funds
  • Rhonda Gurney, Tracy Nangeroni and Faith Webb Reney – Library Trustees
  • Jeffrey Trow – Cemetery Commissioner
  • Robert Stanley – Planning Board
  • Harry Gazelle and Robert Henry – Zoning Board of Adjustment

The water and sewer commission, planning board and cemetery commission had openings that attracted no candidates.

In uncontested races, Harry Gale was re-elected school moderator, Judith Trow to the school board, and Alan Doherty, school treasurer. No one filed for school clerk.

The turnout was 29% with 775 voters of 2696 casting ballots.

Election results are on the town website.

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