Voters Asked to Clarify Use of Conservation Funds

In Sunapee and across New Hampshire, voters will be seeing warrant articles related to conservation funds, which was driven by a 2008 legislative change that seeks to clear up a gray area for municipal attorneys.

In Sunapee, if the conservation commission wants to continue to financially support land protection projects of qualified organizations, such as the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust or Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forest, without taking a property interest, voters will need to pass Article 34.

Last year, the Sunapee conservation commission (and Lake Sunapee Protective Association) contributed towards expenses related to the protection of 16 acres in Burkehaven and along the lakefront. The Forest Society holds the conservation easement.

Purchasing and caring for conservation land has substantial costs in money, time and responsibility. There are times when partnering with another organization such as a land trust may be the most efficient use of your conservation dollars. — NH Association of Conservation Commissions

Related Article: Sunapee Conservationist Protects 16 Acres in Burkehaven (Sunapee News)

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