Winter Winds Propel Peterson Across Lake Sunapee

Al Peterson Ski Ice Boating on Lake Sunapee

Ski-ice boating on Lake Sunapee. Photo by Al Peterson.

When you’re zipping across the ice, so close to the surface, it seems like you’re going 60 miles per hour when you actually going 30 or 40, said Al Peterson.

Peterson and a friend were out for a sail and ski on Lake Sunapee, March 1. Actually, it’s called: Ski-ice boating.

As for the conditions: “The ice was very rough, but the skis helped smooth the ride,” Peterson said. “It’s free, fast wind power.”

Sunday, on the lake, Peterson was roaring across the ice on his yellow, adapted ice boat. It’s fitted with skies, edges angled inward. This design gives Peterson more ice-ski-sail time and it works best on snow that’s frozen and crusted over.

Peterson began ice boating 33 years ago when he first came to Sunapee and “Osborne Marine was renting ice boats.” It took a few years and some help from friends before Peterson built his first ice boat.

Peterson knows about windsurfing on snow and ice. He’s an avid sailor, too, and sails out of Sunapee Harbor. In the winter, he goes out from the state park beach in Newbury or Dewey Beach in Sunapee.

Peterson on his ski-ice boat

Peterson's ski-ice boat. Photo by Al Peterson.

According to Sunapee Recreation Director Scott Blewitt, to see Al Peterson ski-ice boat on Lake Sunapee is one of the top 10 things to do this winter.

Here’s your chance. Enjoy the ride. Peterson shot the video with a hand help Canon FS100. It’s posted on YouTube, part of an “iceboating yahoo group”:

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