Sunapee Seniors Hold Town Election Forum

Despite heavy snow the night before, the Sunapee Seniors last Monday shoveled out and hosted a forum on town meeting issues and for candidates running for the board of selectmen. Joe Internicola, vice president for the Seniors, chaired the meeting.

Town Clerk Betty Ramspott, Town Manager Donna Nashawaty, selectmen candidates Charlotte Brown and William “Bill” Roach, and representatives from the Perkins Pond Association attended and spoke. Brian Garland, also running for selectman, was unable to attend. A statement was read on his behalf.

Voting day in Sunapee is March 10 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Sherburne Gym.

Town Clerk Betty Ramspott explained the ballot and the listing order of candidates. The town followed the NH Secretary of State’s lead and the name of candidates for the contested race for selectman are listed alphabetically starting with a letter that is randomly chosen. The State chose “C” this year, said Rampsott, who handed out copies of the town ballot and town warrant.

(Vote for not more than Two) (Three Year Term)
[ ] Brian Garland
[ ] William Roach
[ ] Charlotte G. Brown
[ ] ___________________________

Absentee ballots are now available from the town clerk’s office, Ramspott said.

“Turn out and vote and give your opinion as to how the town should be run,” Ramspott urged.

Town Manager Nashawaty reviewed the town warrant articles in a detailed and informative presentation. Robin Saunders presented a slide show about the proposed engineering for sewering around Perkins Pond and candidates Brown and Roach spoke about their candidacy. Refreshments followed the meeting.

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