Bud Fitch Explains NH Stimulus Components

From the nearly $787 billion federal recovery package, NH expects to get $860 million: $250 in Medicaid funding. $295 million for education. $315 for other programs.

$59 million is marked for ready-to-go infrastructure handled by NH Dept. of Environmental Services for projects to do with drinking water, waste water and the cleanup of contaminated brownfield sites.

Nearly $50 million is for weatherization and energy programs through the Office of Energy and Planning.

The NH Dept. of Transportation has already put jobs out for bid. It expects $129 million of which $11 million will go to the State Municipal Aid Program.

In the Union Leader article (Feb. 18, 2009) “NH hustles for its slice of stimulus pie,” Senior Political Reporter John DiStaso talks about the recovery package with NH officials including Deputy Attorney Orville “Bud” Fitch, the director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Stimulus. About education monies,

Fitch said some will go to the state’s education “stabilization fund” to smooth out the disparity in financial capabilities among school districts. “We’re still working on exactly how that will happen,” Fitch said. “Funds that are not used for either K-12 or higher education will then be distributed to Title I schools, which are a majority of, but not all, the schools in the state. It will be distributed in proportion to their Title I allotments.”

Read the entire DiStaso article via NH hustles for its slice of stimulus pie – Manchester- msnbc.com.

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