“Local First” Food and Farming

Whether you’re in Oregon or New Hampshire, local farming is at best a challenge. However, people increasingly talk about how they want to get produce from area farmers’ markets and produce locally more of the food they eat.

Sunapee News has been following: Cooking Up a Story.  It posts daily and talks about food, people and sustainable living. Check it out.

25% of all Oregon farmland will be up for grabs over the next decade, the future of Oregon’s family farmers may hang in the balance. According to the latest 2007 Census of Agriculture, the average age of local farmers is 57.5 years, slightly older than the national average. – Cooking Up a Story

Closer to home, UNH provides farm facts and sustainable horticulture info at: http://horticulture.unh.edu

Even closer to home, Menu for the Future, a discussion course begins March 12 at in Sunapee at Abbott Library. For more information, call the library, 603-763-5513.

To share your food (or farming) stories and ideas, just stir up a reply below.

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  1. Our family has been experimenting with “Omega 3” eggs.

    Our laying flock is fed a diet that naturally results in eggs that are rich in Omega 3 and other nutrients often not found in store shelf eggs. The yolks are a deeper yellow-orange, and taste better.

    We also raised 50 chickens this summer using pastured poultry methods, which also results in a healthier bird, which results in chicken for the table that is rich in Omega 3 and other nutrients.

    We learned some things along the way, and as a result, have written up plans so even the home owner on a 1/4 acre can raise chickens for personal use, with the same healthy results. We have also developed inexpensive DIY plans to build appliances for the larger coop or farm operation.

    Interested in the plans? you can contact me at
    shawn_elder AT comcast.net

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