Sunapee’s Abbott Library Sponsors “Menu for the Future”

vei_menuFood impacts our lives and environment in so many ways, on a multitude of levels. Yet, few people take the time to weigh questions such as: “Where is my food coming from?” and “What are the implications of my food choices?”

In response to a growing need to consider the larger implications of our food choices and understand food’s relationship to sustainability, Abbott Library and the Vermont Earth Institute are offering a discussion group: Menu for the Future.

The first session will be on Thursday, March 12th from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Abbott Library. For more information and to register, contact Abbott Library at 603-763-5513. The course is free; course books are available on loan from the library.  Space is limited.

A full description of the course is at

For centuries food has been used to mark the change of the seasons, to bring together a family at the end of day and as an integral part of many celebrations. In recent years, food has grown to represent a multi-billion dollar global industry and a point of confusion for many struggling to understand the risks and benefits associated with choices such as organic vs. conventional, meat vs. vegetarian or local vs. global.

This six-session anthology offers people a unique opportunity to examine the effects of modern industrial agriculture on both human and ecological health, explore emerging food system alternatives, and discuss how we as individuals can contribute to a more sustainable food supply.

Abbott Library is located at 542 Route 11 in Sunapee. Library hours are: Mon/Wed 9-8, Thurs/Fri 9-6, Sat 9-1, Sun/Tues Closed.

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