Sunapee Selectmen Ask for Input About Community TV

Sunapee Selectmen will ask for public input about community TV, PEG access, when they meet January 26. According to the agenda, the discussion will start at 7:10 p.m. at the meeting room of the Town Hall, Edgemont Road (Route 103B).

What is PEG access television?

In short, PEG access is local cable channel space, one or more local channels made available for community programs: Public, Education and Government. Some towns have no PEG access. Some use one channel to air P, E and G programs. Other communities may have multiple channels. Londonderry uses six channels.

Sunapee has access to a community cable channel but no programs air.

The town of Newport uses local access TV to air programs and a scrolling community calendar. Area Comast cable viewers can tune into NCTV-10 and watch Newport selectmen, school board and town meetings, school board meetings and sports events and assorted public programming.

More than 100 communities in NH have PEG access, says Dottie Grover, the president of the NH Coalition for Community Media.

New Hampshire Coalition for Community Media (NHCCM) is a statewide group that supports and fosters PEG access television in NH. Access center managers, local producers and volunteers work to promote and preserve 1st Amendment Rights of Free Speech using PEG Access Television.

The Coalition helps those that already have PEG access and those trying to establish it. Representatives will attend meetings to help explain “here’s some ways to do it,” Grover said. “Every community can grow their PEG access to what suits them.”  If a town wants access TV, there are lots of options and different ways to support it, she added.

Grover has been the director of cable services for Londonderry for 20 years.

Info about PEG access is on the Plymouth, NH website. Click here.

From that posting: “P” stands for the public leg of community TV. It airs programs members of the community create or sponsor.

The “E” is for education and usually is managed by the local school district and where one might see videos of school activities, student productions and school sports.

“G” is the government part often used to air civic meetings that might be aired live or taped and replayed. Communities also use the TV access to explain town project and events.

Also on the agenda for the selectmen January 26: A proposal to move the town Thrift Shop to the old Police Station (8:15 p.m.), the Beautification Oversight Committee (8:30 p.m.), the Wild Goose boat launch and the Town of Springfield recycling agreement. To view the agenda, click here.

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  1. […] Sunapee Selectmen Ask for Input About Community TV […]

  2. Correction/Clarification: Newport community television now has two channels. NCTV-10 is available to Sunapee cable viewers, but NCTV-8 is not.

    This is from the NCTV10 website:

    Newport Community Television is now presenting municipal programming on Comcast Cable channel 8 in Newport. Programming originating live from downtown Newport sites including the Municipal Office Building, Town Hall (Newport Opera House), and Town Common will be seen on live Channel 8, and digital recordings of town meetings will be presented. Channel 8 is the second of three channels that are available for cable access under the Federal Cable Act.

  3. Does PEG require a “location” or an office space to have equipment? If so, would the Old Town Hall/Livery have space to host PEG?

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