Creative Community in the Lake Sunapee Region

Yesterday, Sunapee News wrote about a library, church and tavern. The library in Springfield, NH, the Methodist church in Sunapee and the tavern in New London, Peter Christian’s. This week, on Thursday (Jan. 8), Friday (Jan. 9) and Sunday (Jan. 11), each respectively will host members of our creative community, local musicians.

Another forum for the creative community is on-line, where people connect, learn and share.

Here’s a link that takes you to two professional artists and long-time friends from the area, Gerry Putnam and Tom Pirozzoli. Listen in…Putnam and Pirozzoli.

And here’s a photo of the duo and a related Sunapee News article.

The creative community in the Lake Sunapee region is diverse and talented. Its artists–musicians, painters, potters, writers and woodworkers enrich our experience and help build, connect and maintain our community. Many of our local artisans are also our best teachers by generously sharing their knowledge and their stage.

Sunapee News would like to expand coverage of our Creative Community and link up with more artists from the Lake Sunapee area. Website links and articles are welcome.

For the Sunapee News archive for the Creative Community… Click Here

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